Professional Portrait Examples

These are some of our favorite professional portrait examples.

For outdoor photography the location and time of day largely determines the mood of the photograph. We Love to use any light that is available. From Large Studio Flash Units to Natural Light.

We prefer to take photographs at outdoor locations with studio flash units.

This is more challenging for us but creates a higher quality portrait for you.

We travel all over.

We have been able to use any building or location and turn it into a great place to take portraits. This also creates a look special for your photographs that not everyone else will have.  We can take great photographs any time of day or night. We have a studio that can be rented for those times when we need a warm location.

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Just click on any of these photos to see it in it’s own window.

A great photograph is a moment for your family to treasure for generations, in time the portrait becomes priceless, but when missed is lost forever.